5 Reasons Outsourcing Precast Design Works is Cheaper in the Philippines

The Precast Companies can streamline their design department to maintain an ideal/average volume of production. This will give them the leverage of not needing to lay-off staffs when workload drops. On the other hand there is no worry if workload increases suddenly since outsourcing companies are handy to absorb the excess workload. Here we give you 5 reasons to outsource Concrete Precast Design tasks in the Philippines because:

1. We do not pay our staffs annual two-way plane tickets going to and from their home country to the place of work, which is a standard contract requirement in Middle East countries;
2. Our staff do not need 30-day annual vacation per year for they are already working home-based;
3. We do not pay for working visas;
4. Staffs are local to the base of operation not needing accommodation and transportation allowance;
5. Philippines has cheaper standard of living compared to advanced countries.

The above reasons allow us to operate with lower personnel cost that we incorporate in our competitive prices for the same tasks that is done in house by precast companies.

Your Office Extension For Precast Design Works

We are a Philippine – based engineering and design consultancy with exemplary skill on precast drafting, detailing, and design.


 Our Team

We are composed of engineers and designers with more than 10 years experience and thorough knowledge in the concrete precast industry.

Our Job

We do drafting, detailing, and design for concrete precast structures. Our team is exposed to intricately designed architectural and highly-demanding structural precast designs.

Why Us

We offer competitive price. Working with us ensures timely delivery of drawings. We strictly maintain three-level check for accurate outputs. We continue developing/simplifying details that are cost-effective in production and facilitate erection. We monitor every element for traceability and on time reports.

Tools We Use

We work with AutoCAD and various structural softwares.

Our Clients

We work with precast factories/companies, precast contractors, and builders, who want us to design and detail their precast concrete structures.

CDP Design Consultancy is Owned and Managed by Ceasar D. Pinkihan, former Senior Design Manager of United Precast Concrete Dubai. He has more than 10 years experience on precast industry and started his career in Saudi Arabia as Structural Engineer for Qanbar Dywidag. His extensive experience gave him the privilege to work personally on various precast projects in the Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Yemen.

*Photos courtesy of United Precast Concrete Dubai LLC, one of the largest supplier for precast elements in United Arab Emirates.